WorkSafe rejects the last 132 safety officers in SA

WorkSafe, the workplace safety advisory arm of Neighbourhood Safety have deleted the last 132 safety officers from their database of over 4 500. The decision was made after the company found them lacking in capacity and capability and were unable to meet the criteria to be part of the WorkSafe program.

The situation was so bad, that the National Operational Safety Director of the company, Elaine van Vuuren, applied for a transfer to set up an office in Namibia in the hope to find better capable people there.

NSSA’s Level 1 On-boarding manager, Mario Steenkamp, said “I would have expected a person who is supposed to write reports to an employer would be able to read basic instructions, but with some candidates, we even had to explain the meaning of the word “meaning”. It sounds exaggerated, but when you ask someone for a link to a group they have created, you don’t expect them to ask what link you refer to. It got to the point where we stopped responding to support tickets. We did not expect them to know everything, and that is why we have level 1 on-boarding. But recently we thought of getting Grade 4 teachers to teach basic language for people who apparently passed Grade 12. It’s damn ridiculous.

Of the 4 574 Safety practitioners given the opportunity to work with WorkSafe, only 6 made it out of the starting blocks.

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