Preparing for prolonged load-shedding

It is not uncommon for SA to be left in the dark. But when that happens we all need to prepare.

Eskom se Push, just told us that darkness will fall upon the land from now until 10pm. We have a schedule, and we know when it will affect us. But there is something you can add to your to-do-list.

Darkness is opportunity. For you and the criminal alike.

Here are a few tips to prepare for load shedding up to stage 4

  • Check your load shedding schedule regularly so you have enough time to prepare.
  • Avoid power surges nuisance tripping: if you know that your area will be affected by Load shedding, switch off appliances, geysers, pool pumps, air conditioners, lights and other electrical equipment to reduce the risk of damage caused when the power comes back on.
  • Use a solar geyser and also solar lamps when lights are out.
  • Make sure your computer, laptop or phone is fully charged so you can still use them
  • Draw some cash as the ATM will be offline
  • Keep your bottles in the freezer so they are ice cold when load shedding starts.
  • Prepare meals in advance as it is possible to wake up to no electricity and will be stuck to make breakfast or might not make it home in time to cook supper.

For you it’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones. (Unless you have a Tesla TV) but when stage 5 to 8 hits us, there are some extra things we need to consider.

  • Your mobile network will stop working when the back-up batteries die, so it would be impossible to make a call from your mobile phone. Whatsapp and your SOS app won’t work either as the Wifi will be dead.  While it might be good to go “off-line” for a while, it is not so good when you need someone for ICE.
  • Your alarm system and link to the armed response will not work. so you need to secure your perimeter (yard) the old fashioned way.
  • Gas, currently in short supply, for cooking and lighting is a good alternative, but also poses an additional fire and explosion risk if not stored properly.
  • Water pressure might drop as pumps feeding the reticulation system does not work. Likewise, heating of water would not be possible.

Frankly, the list could be endless, as very few of us can remember how we survived a few 100 years ago. But we did. Just imagine going back in time.

To survive during a disaster, we need food, water and shelter from the elements. Creature comforts like Wifi is not life-critical.

We have a spreadsheet available to all members here.


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