Member Benefits

Anyone can join our Neighbourhood Safety Groups for free and get notified of things happening in your neighbourhood. But our paying members get a much more. Our aim is to help you to be informed of safety, security and traffic issues around you and we invite you to participate as often as you can.

We strive to control our groups and remove any spam, scams or videos and news already available in Main stream media. We also continually look for new ways to make your life just a little safer.

We have therefore created a special category of information bites to keep you informed of all the benefits you get for only R200 per year (Standard Membership).

For businesses, we offer a unique advertising opportunity and a FREE WorkSafe program for your business to protect your employees from injuries and illness.

For Day Care Centres or ECD Centres and parents of children, we offer the EduSafe Certification that ensures your child is in safe hands while you are at work.

For Farmers, (aka Boere) we have Plaasveiligheid to help you stay informed of suspicious vehicles and persons and also make use of the AgriSafe program for your employees.

We also have StreetSafe, to keep you informed of broken traffic lights, missing manhole covers and Stop signs hidden by overhanging tree branches.

We rely very much on the information provided by you and your neighbours, and we will reward you for it.

As a member, you will earn 20% commission on every new member you introduce, and for our Licensed Verification Agents, we offer 30% commission on every new member that you interview and confirm them as a real person.

Neighbourhood Safety is so much more than just a nice group to keep you informed. We also act on your behalf to report crimes and suspicious activities to the Police and other law enforcement agencies.


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