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Tips to prevent Road Rage

Here are a few things you can do to prevent road rage and becoming another statistic: Do not react to provocation. Stay away from erratic drivers. Avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver. Use your hooter sparingly. Do not flash your headlights. Do not make obscene gestures. Do not change lanes without using your indicator.

NSSA opens NICS – despite POPIA

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires us to disclose if we collect personal information from an individual or company and also what information we collect and for what reason. In line herewith, we have created NICS – The Neighbourhood Intelligence Community Service – to collect personal information from individuals who spread malicious information described

NSSA Western Cape goes “walkie talkie”

Do you live in the Western Cape and have something to report? We would like to hear from you. Would you like to stay informed of what’s happening? Join our mobile radio network on Zello and lets talk about crime, violence, traffic jams and anything else that makes you feel unsafe in your own neighbourhood.

Road block reports

Please be advised that reporting of Police Road blocks on social media is illegal in South Africa as it defeats the ends of justice. You are not doing anyone a favour by being the first to know where the next road block is set up and sharing the information with the public. Criminals see it,

SAPS Policy

Scammers, Anarchists, Porn-addicts and Spammers (SAPS) are the most annoying of all insects. They are worse than a fly in your soup doing back-stroke. And for this reason, we are publishing our SAPS Policy. To join our black list of SAPS Professionals, all you need to do is post content in our channels that meets

What can be reported on your Neighbourhood Safety group?

Neighbourhood Safety’s network comprises a number of Instant messaging and facebook groups used for the sole purpose of information sharing. But unlike the norm in South Africa, we discourage and prevent these channels to be dominated by a few to the annoyance of the millions. At Neighbourhood Safety, it’s about the safety, security and health

Neighbourhood Safety Verification Agents wanted

We are looking for individuals living and working in the Western Cape to join us as Verification Agents. The role of a verification agent is to verify someone else, be it a colleague or a random stranger. We are introducing a rapid growth program and our target is to have at least 10 000 South

Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad – Sub-groups

If you want information pertaining to your immediate neighbourhood, here is how: In your Telegram app, go to contacts and search for People Nearby or Near me. Scroll down the list to see “Groups” and look for the blue Neighbourhood Safety logos. A group is indicated by three persons. A channel is indicated by a

Understanding the Neighbourhood Safety Alert Levels.

Neighbourhood Safety has introduced a “ROBOT” colour coding system to all its channels to make it easier to see the level of risk associated with a specific message. With the high prevalence of fake and false information on social media and instant messaging platforms, it has become a daunting task to separate fact from fiction.
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