How to spot a fake Facebook profile

Scammers love facebook. Probably because it’s such a reliable source of information and having friends is a social achievement very few can deny.

In a country like ours, where unemployment is the highest in the world everyone is looking for money, and the scammers knows this. They will present you with a sure fire way to make thousands in a week, or they will plead for your help to buy electricity, food or a place to stay.

They also prey on South Africans because, despite our poorer fellow Sufferafricans, they know we are good hearted by nature. They know the majority of us claims to be Christian and we have internet. So they will prey on us and get rich. But how do you spot a fake from a real person in need?

Facebook as this wonderful idea to recommend friends to you. We decided to take a look:

Monique Nel lives in Pretoria, and she’s from Pretoria. Her bio says “op soek na liefde god eerste,u only live once but if u do it right once is enough…🌻🌹” And her profile pic looks like this:

So firstly, she attracts and appears to be a teenager. Who knows why young girls would take photos like these as it seems to be a desperate call for attention.


But the giveaway was her High School. She went to Swartz Creek High School. We didn’t recognise the name of the school and did a Google search. It does exist. Here is a photo from their Google page:

So we still don’t know if this is fake or not do we. It looks real and she has 640 friends today. So let’s look what she shares with the public and get to know her a little better.

There’s no “Check ins” but thats no reason to raise a red flag as many people don’t share every place they visit on fakeboek.

She does like Italian clothes and has probably taken out insurance with Skysure Life in Sandton.

Her parents must be extremely rich as the shop she likes is in Italy and the high school she attended is in Florida USA.

Now if she is daughter, we would be very worried. Where did the two pictures on her profile come from?

As you can see, it was easy enough for us to copy it in this How To guide. It would be as easy to create a fake profile with it.

Here are some others:

Eleanor G Scott

Nothing but 4 photos and this post
Princess Akpan uses comments on posts in same group using +27727443663 as whatsapp number. Only two results in Google for this number and both looks sketchy. She has super powers. She moved to Chicago on 17 July 2021. She grew up in Los Angeles on 17 July 2021, and that same day she grew up in Chicago. She got married on 15 July after she grew up that same day in Papa New Guinea. She also manage to start a new job at Bitcoin mining in July, She had a very busy life although it’s only a week long.
If you one of the 90 thousand plus people on the “kraaifontein, Brackenfell and Durbanville buying and selling furniture” group, and you get scammed, it’s your own stupidity.
We will continue to update our list of Fake profiles on fakeboek here.


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