Pieter Webb spams groups with Bitcoin Emma is a wannabee Porn Star but couldn’t make it. Both posted in our groups and were listed on NICS.

Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad terminated

We have terminated the group called Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad with its 165 users after it was found that 87% of the users live outside the Western Cape. It is not our purpose to chase a following and claim to have thousands of users. It is our purpose to provide local communities with up to date information,

Road block reports

Please be advised that reporting of Police Road blocks on social media is illegal in South Africa as it defeats the ends of justice. You are not doing anyone a favour by being the first to know where the next road block is set up and sharing the information with the public. Criminals see it,

Neighbourhood Safety Verification Agents wanted

We are looking for individuals living and working in the Western Cape to join us as Verification Agents. The role of a verification agent is to verify someone else, be it a colleague or a random stranger. We are introducing a rapid growth program and our target is to have at least 10 000 South

Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad – Sub-groups

If you want information pertaining to your immediate neighbourhood, here is how: In your Telegram app, go to contacts and search for People Nearby or Near me. Scroll down the list to see “Groups” and look for the blue Neighbourhood Safety logos. A group is indicated by three persons. A channel is indicated by a
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