Pieter Webb spams groups with Bitcoin Emma is a wannabee Porn Star but couldn’t make it. Both posted in our groups and were listed on NICS.

Defensive Driving Behaviour

Drive defensively! Risk takers are collision makers! Avoid all distractions -Keep both eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel! Be visible – drive with your lights on! Headlights should be dipped well before an approaching vehicle is within range of the main beam. Stay within the speed limit at all times. Be

Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad terminated

We have terminated the group called Buurtveiligheid Kaapstad with its 165 users after it was found that 87% of the users live outside the Western Cape. It is not our purpose to chase a following and claim to have thousands of users. It is our purpose to provide local communities with up to date information,

#2 Benefit – Personal Follow me assistance

Are you planning a trip to somewhere and need someone to have your back? Neighbourhood Safety members can request a Follow Me whenever you undertake a road trip through dangerous areas. All we need is your Point of Departure, the time you intend to leave, the route you plan to follow and the ETA at

WorkSafe rejects the last 132 safety officers in SA

WorkSafe, the workplace safety advisory arm of Neighbourhood Safety have deleted the last 132 safety officers from their database of over 4 500. The decision was made after the company found them lacking in capacity and capability and were unable to meet the criteria to be part of the WorkSafe program. The situation was so

How to spot a fake Facebook profile

Scammers love facebook. Probably because it’s such a reliable source of information and having friends is a social achievement very few can deny. In a country like ours, where unemployment is the highest in the world everyone is looking for money, and the scammers knows this. They will present you with a sure fire way

#1 Benefit – Digital ID Card

All members are issued with a Digital ID Card available via the ID123 app. The card identifies you as a member, Verification Agent or Home Technical (plumbers, electricians etc) It also contains links to our other benefits not listed publicly. Once installed your card will look like this: Your information will be moderated, including your

Member Benefits

Anyone can join our Neighbourhood Safety Groups for free and get notified of things happening in your neighbourhood. But our paying members get a much more. Our aim is to help you to be informed of safety, security and traffic issues around you and we invite you to participate as often as you can. We

Preparing for prolonged load-shedding

It is not uncommon for SA to be left in the dark. But when that happens we all need to prepare. Eskom se Push, just told us that darkness will fall upon the land from now until 10pm. We have a schedule, and we know when it will affect us. But there is something you
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