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NeighbourhoodSafety is SA’s first community driven program to create safer, healthier and cleaner neighbourhoods.

We are a community of concerned citizens who act responsibly with forbearing and preparedness against all hazards that threaten our security, safety, health and our environment at home, at work and on our roads.

Our vision in 2020 is to create a better South Africa for all!

We realize that our law enforcement agencies like the Police and local Law Enforcement and the Labour / health Inspectors cannot be everywhere.

As citizens, we take ownership in our own neighbourhoods and workplaces to prevent bad things from happening to ourselves and others within the spirit of our motto:

Responsible | Tolerant | Prepared.

Use your Membership card to:

  • Identify yourself to others when selling a product or providing a service by showing them your card.
  • Identify others before buying from them or opening your front door by scanning their card.
  • Instantly find your local emergency numbers with a swipe of your card,
  • Get added to your local NeighbourhoodSafety group and share information on hazards and risks,
  • Get instant notifications on threats to security, safety, health and environmental risks to prevent,
  • Get a free assessment of hazards in your home or your business that could affect yourself, your family your domestic worker and others.
  • Earn an income by becoming a registered Agent and help growing our network of concerned citizens.




Our Goals

and where we stand...
Members involved
Alert Centers established
Neighbourhoods covered
Certified Places of Safety

Get your Membership Card and help us grow!

Help us to reach our target of 2 million subscribers in 2020 and we will pay you for every new member you introduce.
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